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Carbon solutions for your organization

Climate Stewardship is Good Business

Flowcarbon is leading the charge in responsible corporate offsetting, helping you meet your ambitious climate goals while unlocking much needed transparency and efficiency in the voluntary carbon market. 

Whether you’re looking to offset historical emissions or develop a customized plan to shape the future of carbon removal, we’re ready to meet you wherever you are in your journey to net zero. 

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Flowcarbon helps leading companies find carbon credits that are transparent, additional, and meet their project portfolio criteria

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An Overdue Change

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Flowcarbon believes offset buyers deserve transparent pricing and project-level visibility, while project developers deserve access to capital to build world-saving projects. Purchase offsets with your eyes wide open. 


Flowcarbon offers rigorously evaluated, high-impact offsets from innovative projects across the globe.


Flowcarbon works with you to construct an offset portfolio that meets your specific organizational needs.


Flowcarbon is committed to building an efficient and transparent carbon market that prioritizes scientific rigor and measurable climate impact.

We prioritize credits with the following criteria:


Nature-based methodologies
(tech-based credits coming soon)


Recent year credit vintage


Additional co-benefits to indigenous communities and wildlife


Certified by market-recognized standards for permanence, additionality, and other important characteristics

Corporate Solutions


Spot and Forward Credit Purchases

Flowcarbon offers rigorously evaluated, high-impact offsets from innovative sustainability projects across the globe. We work directly with third party-certified project developers to give you access to premium projects with a host of co-benefits that support local communities, protect biodiversity, and preserve scarce resources.


Project Origination and Offtake Agreement

Participate upstream in project development via offtake agreements, project origination, and a suite of financing solutions, while securing high-quality credits at wholesale prices.


Strategic Corporate Services

Analyze emissions, build an offsetting strategy, and launch campaigns to inspire climate action and demonstrate your commitment to decarbonization. 


Tokenized Carbon Credits

Purchase carbon credit tokens, giving you exposure to a bundle of different credits which can be purchased universally at one transparent price and held for future offsetting.

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