Flow3rs Launches: 200 Unique Works of Art to Re-imagine Climate Impact

November 9, 2022
Flow3rs Launches: 200 Unique Works of Art to Re-imagine Climate Impact
NFTs have historically been a net negative for the environment. What if that could change? With Flow3rs, a collection of unique digital art  for positive climate impact, we’re ushering in a new paradigm to push the greater Flowcarbon mission forward. Read on to find out how!
What is Flow3rs?

Flow3rs is a set of 200 unique pieces of art created by 8 world renowned digital creators that harness web3 technology to create new incentives for all sorts of communities to join together in the fight against climate change and bring about an entirely new vehicle for large-scale, positive-sum impact.

"We worked with an impressive group of artists to carefully curate the pieces included in this series, which range from photography and generative art to 2D illustrations and 3D renderings. All of the works are centered around humanity's influence on the natural world, our inspiration for this electrifying new collection.” - Dana Gibber, CEO of Flowcarbon.

On November 30th, we will be unveiling a portion of the collection that will be available for auction, in person, at the OASIS Art Basel event at Eden Roc in Miami. There, attendees will be able to speak with the team and our partners, as well as certain artists involved and hear firsthand about the promise of Flow3rs and what we believe the drop leads to, down the road.  

Who are the artists featured?

Flow3rs features 8 top artists who feel truly passionate about creating art with real, verifiable impact, and view Flow3rs as a way to mobilize the art and web3 communities, together, for climate action. The artists include Danny Cole, Olive Allen, Andre Oshea, Lindsey Byrnes, Franky Nines, Ezra Br0wn, Maxwell Tilse, and Gab Jetski.

“What’s more important than saving the only home we have — our planet? Climate change threatens every living being on Earth and our own survival. But there is still a chance to turn things around.  And I’m prioritizing working with the companies actively building solutions to save Earth from catastrophic impacts.” - Olive Allen, Flow3rs artist.

“I’m really excited about the Flow3rs project because I get to be a part of a project dedicated to climate solutions powered by blockchain. I believe that with just a little bit of effort we can all have a positive impact on our planet and our future.” - Lindsey, Flow3rs artist.

The artists who signed on to help us make this dream come true believe that Flow3rs represents a real chance to affect positive change on the Earth with the help of blockchain technologies, at scale.

How, you might ask?

A forest can’t IPO, but the proceeds from Flow3rs can and will help to fund sustainability at a meaningful scale. This begins with the fact that a significant portion of the proceeds generated from the drop will be used to buy and retire carbon credits for nature-based projects — helping to support the scaling of sustainable carbon projects. All in all, more than two thirds of the proceeds from Flow3rs will be sent to high quality projects that have a measurable impact on carbon reduction in Indonesia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

In the words of Flowcarbon’s Co-founder and Chief Blockchain Officer, Phil Fogel, “The vision for Flow3rs is to create a sustainable opportunity for artists and collectors to have ongoing meaningful climate impact by continuing to engage in a way that they are already comfortable.”

Each piece that you buy comes in a pair, with its physical counterpart. Furthermore, the collection’s positive impact on the climate itself begins at the time of purchase. By becoming a supporter of the Flow3rs’ collection, you’re immediately offsetting your own carbon footprint.

It all circles back to the greater Flowcarbon mission of being the go-to spot for anyone to offset carbon and invest in planet saving projects. Overall, Flow3rs aims to offset 100,000 tons of CO2, while more than two thirds of the proceeds from Flow3rs’ primary sale will also be sent to retire carbon offsets used by three handpicked, nature-based projects with an already measurable impact on global carbon emissions. With this, it’s easy to see how Flow3rs contributes to the greater Flowcarbon vision of scaling the voluntary carbon markets and making them a key vehicle for driving real, positive climate change. By leveraging art to support scaling sustainable nature-based solutions, we’re galvanizing and mobilizing more people into an entirely new vertical for real, measurable impact on our climate and our world at-large.

What nature-based projects does Flow3rs support and why?

To date, Flow3rs has selected high-quality projects, which are: the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, the Valparaiso Project, and NIHT Topaiyo REDD+. Below, you’ll find a brief description of what each is all about:

  • Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project: Rimba Raya is home to an astonishing assortment of plants and animals, and a number of species from the IUCN Red List. This fragile ecosystem and the wildlife living there are monitored and protected from illegal activities as part of the project’s ongoing efforts.
  • Valparaiso Project: The Valparaiso Project seeks to help protect and conserve tropical forest by providing payments for ecosystem services, a project type known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation. 
  • NIHT Topaiyo REDD+: The area of Papua New Guinea covered by this project has been recognized as having enormous carbon sequestration potential and protecting the forest provides substantial economic benefits to the people of the island at-large. 

We selected these quality nature-based projects based on the additional benefits to the surrounding communities and biodiversity that they bring. These projects are registered through Verra, the well-known and widely used, highly transparent carbon credit registry. Altogether, the above projects help to safeguard over 185,000 hectares of land, which translates to over 457,000 acres. Imagine the possibilities as initiatives like Flow3rs scale even further and we bring more projects into the ecosystem! Until then, for more info on the above projects, head here!

Get involved in the future of climate impact!

This is a new era for on-chain, digital works with Flow3rs leading the charge with a sustainable model to help lead the world towards zero carbon. Through Flow3rs, we believe that anyone, no matter who they are or where they’re from should be able to invest in planet-saving projects in a matter of minutes. If you vibe with our vision, keep in mind that both the Flow3rs auction and access to the white list open on November 28, with our Art Basel event kicking off the auction even further. General sales and minting will begin on December 6. Next time, we’ll dig more into the differentiation and mechanics of the Flow3rs drop and ecosystem. Until then, to learn more about Flow3rs, please follow us on Twitter, join our Discord and sign-up for updates on our site!