Flowcarbon partners with Mintdropz to calculate and offset on-chain emissions of NFT projects

Flowcarbon partners with Mintdropz to calculate and offset on-chain emissions of NFT projects

October 21, 2022

The rise of digital, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened a new door for the global creator economy: An avenue for turning art and other creative assets into NFTs that can be easily bought and sold, undergirded by the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

‍Flowcarbon, a leading provider of carbon removal and reduction solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with Mintdropz, a Silicon Valley-based company and decentralized social media platform that enables entertainers, artists, and creators to build their own platform and directly sell NFTs from their own digital storefront to grow, monetize and bring exclusive offerings to their followings.

This partnership empowers creators to make their Mintdropz-minted NFTs carbon neutral via Flowcarbon’s tokenized carbon offset credit, GNT. Within the Mintdropz platform, Flowcarbon will calculate on-chain emissions of Mintdropz-listed NFT projects and offset this footprint using tokenized credits from nature-based solutions.

“Mintdropz is the next generation of connection between creators and their fans,” said Ryan Kumar, founder of Mintdropz. “Our partnership with Flowcarbon is demonstrative of our shared commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and to the growing Web3 ecosystem.”

Flowcarbon has announced several cutting-edge Web3 and blockchain infrastructure integrations over the past three months, including with decentralized exchange and automated market maker protocol Ubeswap, transaction router and software development kit (SDK) Node Finance, the Valora mobile wallet, and Ubeswap-enabled app Flywallet, which enables saving for travel.

“By addressing the environmental impact of blockchain projects, this joint offering will contribute to ensuring that carbon responsibility is an immutable part of Web3’s future,” remarked Dana Gibber, CEO and co-founder of Flowcarbon. “Being able to integrate tokenized carbon credits directly into the lifecycle of NFTs is an inspiring use case showcasing Flowcarbon’s growing suite of climate technology solutions.”

Mintdropz has also partnered with Polygon, Celo, Algorand, & Shopify to create seamless experiences for NFT minting, sales, and trading. It is further working with entertainers, sports legends, and top creators—like Brandin Cooks of the Texans—to launch exclusive token-gated experiences for their fans.

About Flowcarbon

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company that brings carbon credits onto the blockchain and facilitates the creation and financing of new, high-integrity carbon reduction and removal projects. Its mission is to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling the efficient and early flow of capital to be invested directly into projects that combat climate change. Flowcarbon is committed to driving real impact for people, biodiversity, and the planet. To learn more about our work, visit our blog.

About Mintdropz

Mintdropz, a Silicon Valley based startup that allows creators to directly sell NFT’s from their own D2C platforms, Apps, Websites, and Profiles, is skyrocketing their reach and have new talent on board that’s betting big on Mintdropz becoming the platform that leads the wave of future NFT sales and social media based around Crypto.