Project GodJira and Danny Cole’s Creature World Join Flowcarbon’s Flow3rs to Offset Emissions

Project GodJira and Danny Cole’s Creature World Join Flowcarbon’s Flow3rs to Offset Emissions

November 16, 2022
Project GodJira and Danny Cole’s Creature World have joined Flowcarbon’s climate positive decentralized art collection, Flow3rs, in order to offset their historical emissions.

Flowcarbon, a leading climate technology company creating carbon reduction and removal solutions, announced today the addition of two leading digital art projects, Project GodJira (PG) and Danny Cole’s Creature World, to its climate positive decentralized art collection, Flow3rs. Flow3rs is Flowcarbon’s newly launched collection of 200 works of unique digital art, a significant portion of which will go toward retiring carbon offsets from nature based projects around the world. To offset historic and current emissions from their decentralized art collections and more, Creature World and PG will acquire a commensurate number of carbon credits, which will be offset, on-chain by Flowcarbon. 

PG, a unique community driven NFT project and industry leader, has built a community of over 7,000 holders and has created a launch-pad and network to support other NFT projects. In partnership with Flowcarbon, PG will offset more than 700 tons of carbon emissions to become carbon negative and advise other Web2 and Web3 projects on how to offset their emissions in both their NFT and real-world operations. 

“As the industry is moving towards becoming more sustainable, this is an opportunity to continue the momentum and encourage NFT projects to offset even more emissions than they are responsible for,” said Shan, PG’s co-founder. “In the post-Merge world, we look forward to continuing to partner with Flowcarbon to have a positive impact on the environment and a better reputation for the NFT community.”

Creature World, an immersive art project and experience started by NYC-based artist Danny Cole, created a popular community around a collection of 10,000 unique pieces of digital artwork. Its blockchain transactions, at about 600 tons of carbon emissions, will be offset in this partnership along with the emissions from Creature World’s live events and art installations. Cole is known for creating magical experiences with his art, and his Creature World collection has sold over $120 million worth of digital art, attracting an engaging community of passionate collectors. 


“Creature World’s mission is about making our experience of life magical and that means ensuring that future generations will be able to experience life as we are able to,” said Danny Cole. 

“Earth Creature” by Danny Cole, created for Flowcarbon in honor of this historic partnership

The partnership with PG and Creature World illustrates the ability of blockchain technology to unlock and rapidly multiply social impact for Web3 projects, harnessing the power of Web3 to unite communities, artists and collectors around the shared goal of fighting climate change through meaningful art. 

“Blockchain has the power to catalyze change for climate action and right the environmental wrongs of legacy proof-of-work systems,” said Dana Gibber, CEO at Flowcarbon. “As the technology becomes more sustainable, NFT projects have the opportunity to not just become carbon neutral, but to support the environment by becoming carbon negative and making a real-world impact.” 

Check out for more information about the Flow3rs collection.

About Flowcarbon

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company that brings carbon credits onto the blockchain. Its mission is to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling the efficient and early flow of capital to be invested directly into projects that combat climate change. Flowcarbon is committed to driving real impact for people, biodiversity, and the planet. To learn more about our work visit our blog.

About Creature World

In 2017, visual artist Danny Cole created The Creature World, a magical realm that seeks to take collectors on limitless expeditions by means of visual art, live experiences, and community projects. Each experience has brought hundreds to thousands of attendees into a unique iteration of the Creature World. In August 2021, Cole released 10,000 unique artworks of his signature character, The Creature, paired with an innovative ongoing digital experience. In the time since, these artworks have seen a trading volume of over $120 million. While the digital collection of 10,000 Creature portraits has thrust Creature World into the limelight with mind-boggling sales figures, this experience will open the door for a different type of art and has galvanized a whole movement among its community. Each experience has brought hundreds to thousands of attendees into a unique iteration of the Creature World.

About Project GodJira

PG is a unique community driven NFT project with a diverse set of revenue streams that align with a core set of values, including transparency, integrity, and generosity which they promote amongst their community members. They are the innovators of the NFT space, with a track record of generating and executing new ideas that bring utility back to the community. From their existing and future revenue streams, 100% of all mint and secondary proceeds go to the community vault overseen by our council. These funds are actively managed to leverage their reach within the Web3 space and provide the war chest needed to continue pushing the boundaries of this space and blurring the dichotomy between Web2 and Web3.