Carbon x Crypto

Flowcarbon operates at the intersection of the voluntary carbon market and Web3, bringing carbon offset credits on chain

Our first token, GNT is launching soon

Bundle Token

GNT is a bundle token, meaning it’s fully fungible and can be retired, redeemed, or unwrapped

Corporate Grade

The criteria for the underlying credits in GNT makes them an instrument of choice for corporate offsetting needs


GNT only accepts nature-based carbon offset credits that have a vintage no older than 5 years

Buy carbon credits with added liquidity & price transparency
Gain access to the voluntary carbon market
Tokenize your credit issuances for immediate revenue

Flowcarbon’s Core Tenets

for the Tokenization of Voluntary Carbon Credits

Flowcarbon supports IETA's initial recommendations for integrity in the digital climate markets. We are committed to tokenizing carbon credits in accordance with 8 core tenets to optimize the structural, environmental, and financial integrity of tokenized carbon credits from the VCM.

1. There is a one-to-one correspondence between tokens and underlying credits

Each token is backed by a unique corresponding carbon credit. A unique token will be created for each project and vintage of a project.

2. Underlying credits must be certified by credible standards

Carbon credits used by Flowcarbon to issue digital tokens come from projects that are validated, verified, and registered under standards endorsed by ICROA, government-approved carbon crediting schemes, or other market-validated crediting mechanisms.

3. All underlying credits are live and unretired

All credits underlying Flowcarbon tokens are as-yet-unretired, ensuring that token holders benefit from the real-world value of the underlying credits. 

4. Tokens can be redeemed for underlying credits (the “two-way bridge”)

Any holder of a Flowcarbon token can redeem the token for an underlying carbon credit.

5. Token holders can retire underlying credits on-demand

As tokens represent issued carbon credits, claims relating to carbon neutrality,  offsetting,  and/or compensation of emissions will only be made after the token is retired. 

6. Robust processes ensure security and transparency

Flowcarbon monitors the token creation process to minimize error and lower the technical burden of those looking to tokenize credits (”supply partners”).

7. Similar credits may be bundled to facilitate liquidity and ease of purchasing

Flowcarbon’s token architecture includes the establishment of bundles, in which credits from different projects may be deposited, with a set of fungible tokens minted to represent participation in the bundle.

8. All Web3 operations are pursued in line with a commitment to sustainability

Flowcarbon’s technology is deployed in the most sustainable way possible, by maintaining a low carbon footprint via a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and working with partners that are determined to achieve net-zero emissions.

We tokenize voluntary carbon credits and bring them on chain


Each token can be retired, enabling the holder to claim a carbon offset


Each token can be “unwrapped” into an underlying carbon credit from a specific project


Each unwrapped token can be traded in for its underlying off-chain credit

With our two-way bridge voluntary carbon credits can be brought on and off chain

Our tokens are backed 1:1 by a real-world asset and can be redeemed for the underlying voluntary carbon credit

Offsets you can trust

Flowcarbon only accepts carbon credits that meet specific criteria, which is why we’re trusted by the most responsible and sustainable corporations

Each carbon credit in our token is:


Backed by a market-recognized carbon registry


Generated from a nature-based methodology

Recent Vintage

Five year vintage rolling period eg in 2022, vintages eligible are V17-V22


Live and unretired, so credits can be brought off-chain

Where climate solutions meet art

is Live
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