Flow’s Nature Carbon Token

Nature is the most cost-effective and scalable carbon sink on earth. It’s being destroyed at a rate that is catapulting us toward the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Flow Carbon is creating the first token backed one-to-one by premium, nature-based carbon offsets. Each token represents one metric tonne of carbon certified as an offset by an established registry, from activities spanning conservation, reforestation, and natural restoration.


It's time to harness the power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to accelerate the innovation and scale of climate change solutions. 

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We originate and support nature based carbon projects that are critical to human survivability

Globally Recognized Certification

We work with globally-recognized best in class auditing teams, carbon developers, and established registries. These include Verra Verified Carbon Standard, American Carbon Registry, and Gold Standard

Non-Profit Partnerships

We work with science-grounded NGOs to verify strong ecosystem and human co-benefits, as established  in registry documentation and additional certification by the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards (CCB)

Third Party Oversight

Neutral third party experts play numerous roles in the project certification and management process:  VVBs, Carbon Developers. We consistently utilize third party rating entities to ensure strong project management practices endure for the life of the project, and in most cases, remain permanent

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Recency and Transparency

Credits are from 2016 onward, only. Flow provides abundant project information, imagery, and mapping data. Our commitment to the highest quality conservation work is unwavering and we will provide transparency and information about all of our work


Flow Carbon originates and supports critical conservation projects that keep carbon sequestered in the ground. We choose projects that optimize benefits to planet earth, local and indigenous communities, and biodiversity


We identify projects with the most critical on-the-ground impact for climate mitigation and invest in their protection and restoration before it’s too late, supporting the prevention of deforestation and elevating physical preparedness for climate change


Our projects provide life-changing activities to communities that surround the project areas, ensuring equitable income streams, and critical climate mitigation education opportunities


We choose our projects to optimize for places that protect high-biodiversity ecosystems and critically at-risk species. Safeguarding these species is crucial to maintaining healthy ecosystems


The critical capital provided by carbon credits for offsetting ensures access by future generations to the natural resources and ecosystems services we depend on

Katingan Mentaya Forest Protection

The largest REDD+ forest conservation project in the world, protecting more than 40 endangered species and supporting local communities in central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Haiti forest.jpg

Selva Mataven Forest Protection

The largest REDD+ forest conservation project in Colombia, supporting almost 16,000 indigenous people and protecting hundreds of species of birds, fish and plants

Burnt Mountain Forest Protection

The largest carbon offset project in the state of Vermont that provides clean drinking water to 250,000 people and is home to more than 25 species of songbirds


We are a leading provider of carbon credits to the most responsible and sustainable global corporations. To inquire about purchasing credits for offset from our portfolio of projects, please contact team@flowcarbon.com.