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Carbon Removal Project Development

Your carbon project has the power to spearhead the transition towards a more resilient and sustainable future — one that can catalyze profound environmental transformation. Leverage our finance, project development and carbon credit sales expertise to scale your project.

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How We Help Your Carbon Project Grow

Carbon Credits

Our experienced Carbon Project team can evaluate your project for eligibility to generate carbon credits, then design and implement an approach that aligns with your goals.

Project Finance

Our talented Carbon Finance team can match your project to the right financing product and investors to help you scale.


All Flowcarbon Carbon Project Partners are vetted through our proprietary diligence process that prioritizes credits with criteria to achieve measurable climate impact.

Monitoring Reporting & Verification

Simplify and streamline processes like project monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon credits to accelerate time to market.

Commitment to Integrity

Flowcarbon identifies, evaluates and works with the most innovative carbon removal projects. Here’s how.

Project eligibility assessment and consultation

We assess factors including: financial and environmental additionality, feedstock, equipment, lab results, end-use.

Project registration + account management

We work with leading registries, including:, EBC C-Sink, Verra and Climate Action Reserve.

3rd party life cycle assessment

We prepare Life Cycle Assessment reports in compliance with the requirements of the applicable standard.

3rd party audit support

Flowcarbon’s Carbon Project teams completes onsite visits to each facility to observe operations, technology and associated boundaries. We assess data management and quality control procedures and collect data and evidence necessary for final carbon offset calculations.

Carbon credit marketing

We prepare project brochures and other marketing collateral to amplify your project.

Carbon credit sales

We sell carbon removal credits (CORCs) on a spot-market basis, as well as long-term offtakes to Flowcarbon’s growing network of F500 corporate buyers. 

What Qualifies as a
High Quality Carbon Credit?

A high quality carbon credit project must demonstrate additionality — meaning it would not exist without revenue derived from carbon credits — along with third-party verification, permanence and measurability. A high quality carbon project must also avoid leakage, ensuring that an increase in emissions does not occur elsewhere. Increasingly, too, is an emphasis on social and environmental co-benefits.

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