What is GNT?

GNT is an asset-backed token, which means it derives its value from an underlying real-world asset. In this case, that asset is a bundle of carbon credits from the voluntary carbon market.

How many tokens will I receive if I participate in the GNT pre-sale? What is the price of a token?

Token pricing will be determined at the time of launch, as it is based on market pricing of the type of carbon credits that will back GNT.

What is the market price of carbon?

It’s opaque, which is why we’re trying to add price transparency through a token, but a good benchmark is the CBL Markets N-GEO.

When will I receive my GNT tokens?

If you buy in the pre-sale, you pay for GNT upon signing up, at today's price. We will then deliver you the GNT tokens on the launch day.

Is there a lockup period for GNT?

There is no lockup period; GNT is fully tradable at launch.

Can you share more details regarding vesting / valuation at which token launch will happen?

All the pre-purchased coins will be 100% vested at launch and there is no lock up period. GNT is an asset-based token, so the launch price will be based on the market price of the underlying carbon credits at the time of launch.

What is the price of a GNT token during pre-sale, and what will be the price for public sale?

GNT pricing will be determined at the time of launch, as it is based on market pricing of underlying carbon credits. After launch, the general public can purchase GNT through decentralized exchanges such as Ubeswap. We have no insight into nor can we predict the price GNT will trade at on the decentralized exchanges. In the pre-sale, buyers commit to an overall purchase price with a 5% discount to whatever the launch price will be. At launch, we will divide their total purchase amount by the launch price (taking the discount into account), and deliver you that number of tokens.

What percentage of tokens will be sold on pre-sale and what percentage of tokens will be sold on public sale?

A number of carbon credits have been committed to GNT to date. All of these credits will be used to back the initial, pre-sale supply of GNT. In effect, 100% of available GNT will be sold at pre-sale. Remember though that tokens are backed one-to-one by carbon credits and anyone that owns off-chain carbon credits and completes our KYC process can bring credits on-chain. This means that the limit on the number GNTs is not governed by the code of the smart contract, but by the number of off-chain carbon credits in existence that meet the GNT requirements and are added to the GNT smart contract.

What projects will back the initial GCO2 mints? What projects are included in the GNT bundle?

The initial batch of GCO2 mints will be predominately conservation focused (e.g. REDD+). GNT includes credits from nature-based projects.

What are nature based projects? Can you provide a use case?

Nature based projects represent avoided conversion and/or restoration of a natural landscape. They remove carbon (i.e. tree-planting) or keep carbon sequestered and prevent it from being released (i.e. conservation)

Will there be KYC for pre-sale buyers?

Yes, we have a simple KYC process to verify all pre-sale participants.

Did Series A investors get a discount on the pre-sale?

Series A investors did not receive GNT unless they purchased it separately, at market price. Our Series A investors did not receive preferential treatment when purchasing GNT.

Why did you choose Celo platform and not Ethereum or Solana for example?

We chose to launch on Celo because they are the benchmark when it comes to thinking about carbon neutrality in the cryptocurrency space. Celo is carbon negative blockchain, and they have been great partners in advancing our mission.

Need more info?

Check out our resources on Knowcarbon to learn more about offsetting and the voluntary carbon market.

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