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Flowcarbon operates at the intersection of the voluntary carbon market and Web3, leveraging blockchain to scale climate change solutions

We all know that climate change is a big issue

While thousands of corporations have committed to net zero carbon emissions over the next few decades, we are not moving fast enough

One of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change is through the sale of carbon offsets

However, the voluntary carbon market (VCM) where these offsets are traded has underlying challenges. With little liquidity, accessibility, and price transparency, today’s VCM makes it difficult to scale decarbonization efforts. Recognizing the opportunity to create an open, transparent carbon market leveraging innovative tools of finance and science, Flowcarbon was born.

Flowcarbonoperates at the intersection of carbon and crypto, leveraging Web3 to protect the earth’s natural carbon sinks

Flowcarbon was founded by a team steeped in environmental philanthropy, who saw firsthand the limitations of relying on philanthropy capital to preserve the earth’s natural carbon sinks.

Realizing that key benefits of blockchain technology could be applied to the carbon markets, we set out to bring carbon on chain to create democratized access to offsets and incentivize high impact climate change mitigation projects.

Flowcarbon accelerates climate change solutions by tokenizing voluntary carbon credits and bringing them on chain

Our flagship product, the Goddess Nature Token (GNT), allows individuals and corporations to buy and retire carbon credits in an accessible and transparent market. While our scope is not limited to nature-based projects, our initial focus is on improving capital access for nature-based projects that optimize for climate change mitigation and adaptation, community-led land management, and critical ecosystem and biodiversity protection.

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