Financing the Future
of Engineered Carbon Removal

Project Finance - Project Development - NbS + CDR Credit Portfolio Services

Carbon Removal Solutions

Poised to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2050, the emerging carbon removal market is ripe with opportunity. From biochar and enhanced rock weathering to direct air capture and renewable natural gas, each new technology brings the potential for scale and impact.

Flowcarbon's versatile team merges investment banking, project development and sales expertise to streamline access to engineered carbon removal.

Whatever your goals, Flowcarbon’s end-to-end services can help you navigate the complexities of carbon removal to unlock access to top-tier projects that drive remarkable environmental impact. Here’s how.

Project Screening

Identify and assess carbon removal projects with potential for high-quality carbon credits and/or other contract revenue streams.

Facilitate institutional investment into innovative projects from around the globe designed for growth and impact.

Project Investing

Secure funding to scale for carbon removal projects, like biochar and renewable natural gas.

Leverage our investment banking and project finance experience to structure actionable funding solutions.

Project Development

Design a carbon credit generation and issuance approach that aligns with your project goals and seeks to maximize value.

Simplify and streamline processes like project monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon credits to accelerate time to market.

Post project in official registry and issue carbon credits.

Corporate Sales

Identify highly durable nature- and tech-based removal credits tailored to your corporate needs.

Provide corporate portfolio services incorporating highly durable carbon credits from project developers around the globe.

Leverage our trading expertise across a wide range of exchanges and markets.


Provide carbon credit portfolio consulting.

Develop comprehensive carbon market strategy tailored to your organization's goals. 

Understand the risks, market dynamics and opportunities associated with carbon credit investments. 

What Is
Engineered Carbon Removal?

Engineered Carbon Removal (CDR) harnesses scientific processes — such as biochar, renewable natural gas and enhanced rock weathering — to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into stable forms. These emerging processes are pivotal in the fight against climate change and offer a proactive approach to achieving global carbon net-zero goals.

Get to Knowcarbon

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Flowcarbon Named to America's Top GreenTech Companies 2024 by TIME and Statista

Backed by the World’s Leading Investors

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