Climate solutions to scale the voluntary carbon market

Leveraging new technology and innovative financing structures to increase transparency and integrity in the carbon markets ••

Innovative Climate Solutions

Flowcarbon vertically integrates across the entire carbon credit lifecycle, offering strategies & solutions ranging from carbon project origination and financing, to credit sales and corporate carbon portfolio management.

Project Developers

We help project developers secure financing and achieve credit issuance


We help corporations design and manage their carbon portfolios

Backed by the World’s Leading Investors

Scaling the
Voluntary Carbon Market

The voluntary carbon market must scale to help companies, and the world, achieve the ambitious climate goals set by the Paris Agreement.

companies have set climate targets to reach net-zero emissions
of emissions reductions needed by 2030 can be provided by nature-based solutions
of the climate mitigation needed can be funded by the voluntary carbon market

Flowcarbon is at the forefront of using new technology and blockchain-based transacting to help scale the voluntary carbon market in the timeframe needed.

The Carbon Lifecycle

Flowcarbon uses technology to increase accuracy and transparency at every stage of the carbon lifecycle.

1. Carbon projects avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions.
We help secure financing for new carbon projects.
2. The project is reviewed and validated. Emissions reductions are verified.
We help projects achieve credit issuance.
3. Carbon credits are issued. 1 carbon credit = tonne of carbon removed or reduced.
We facilitate transparency into the projects that generate carbon credits.
4. Organizations, companies, and individuals buy carbon credits to offset their emissions.
We support leading companies with their carbon procurement and offsetting.
5. Project proponents use carbon revenue to expand and fund new projects.
We are committed to scaling the market so more projects can be performed.

Introducing Flowcarbon’s
tokenized carbon credits

Flowcarbon is leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent,
efficient, and liquid spot market for carbon credits.

Backed by Carbon Credits

Each token is backed 1:1 by a carbon credit held by Flowcarbon and can be redeemed for the carbon credit or retired to claim an offset. 1 token = 1 tonne of carbon.

Corporate-Grade Quality

All carbon credits backing our tokens have been issued by a market-recognized carbon crediting standard, making them an instrument of choice for leading organizations.

Get to Knowcarbon

Flowcarbon Selected by Gold Standard for Readiness Phase of Carbon Credit Tokenization

Why do we need to digitize carbon offsets?

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