Financing the Future
of Carbon Solutions


Billions to Trillions

Now valued at an estimated $2 billion, the voluntary carbon market must scale to $1.7 trillion to limit the negative impacts of climate change.

Flowcarbon offers the pioneering technology, projects and services needed to make this happen. We offer a full-scope vertical mindset, cutting-edge products and a global team with world-class expertise in everything from project development to project finance to carbon credit sales. 

Now valued at an estimated $2 billion, the voluntary carbon market must scale to limit the negative impacts of climate change. Flowcarbon is leading the charge to finance carbon projects designed for impact and growth.

We are defined by our full-scope approach, cutting-edge products and a global team with world-class expertise spanning project development, project finance and carbon credit sales.

Project Development

We have the technological expertise to help your project achieve credit issuance.

Project Financing

We help projects find the investment they need to scale — and match investors with innovative work to support.

Carbon Credit Sales

We help corporations design and manage their carbon portfolios as well as credit procurement.

Blockchain Solutions

We are pioneering the design of tokens to support transparency in the carbon markets.

About Flowcarbon

At Flowcarbon, we offer the verified services you need along with the insight and transparency you can trust. Our growing team consists of leading experts and practitioners working at the forefront of project finance, development and technology innovation in the voluntary carbon markets.

New York
Andreessen Horowitz,
General Catalyst,
Samsung Next,
among others

Flowcarbon offers end-to-end services

Project Screening

Identify and assess projects with potential for high-quality carbon credits.

Facilitate institutional investment into innovative projects from around the globe designed for growth and impact.

Project Investing

Secure funding to scale for carbon projects, including nature-based and tech removal.

Leverage our investment banking and project finance experience to structure financing that spans both traditional finance and Web 3.0.

Project Development

Design carbon credit approach that aligns with your project goals and seeks to maximize value from carbon credits.

Simplify and streamline processes like project monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon credits to accelerate time to market.

Post project in official registry and issue carbon credits.

Corporate Sales

Help Identify highly durable nature-based and tech removal credits tailored to your corporate needs.

Provide corporate portfolio services incorporating highly durable carbon credits.

Leverage our trading expertise across a wide range of exchanges and markets.


Provide carbon credit portfolio consulting.

Develop comprehensive carbon market strategy tailored to your organization's goals. 

Understand the risks, market dynamics and opportunities associated with carbon credit investments. 

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