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Tailored Carbon Solutions for Your Business

Our Approach
Flowcarbon helps organizations of all sizes define and achieve their climate goals. Our commitment is to bring transparency, efficiency and liquidity to the fragmented voluntary carbon market through our suite of solutions.
Access best-in-class inventory from carbon projects across the globe.
Construct an offset portfolio that meets your organization's needs.
Transact with fair, transparent pricing and project-level visibility.

Flowcarbon engages at every stage of the carbon life cycle,
helping organizations turn their sustainability ambitions into reality.

Flowcarbon works with leaders across all industries
to achieve their climate goals

Oil & Gas
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Corporate Carbon Solutions

Strategic Services
We offer a variety of services to help your organization analyze its carbon footprint, build an offsetting strategy, and support marketing and communications efforts.
Commitment to Quality
We only work with third-party-certified project developers to give you access to premium projects with a multitude of environmental and social co-benefits.
Unrivaled Diversity and Scale
We’re building the most diversified portfolio of carbon credits in the world that is made up of credits from nearly every project type and region of the world. Leveraging this portfolio, we are able to help our customers procure credits that meet their unique needs and align with their organizational values.


Meriwether Minnesota Land & Timber


Delta Blue Carbon


Corazón Verde del Chaco Project

The Carbon Lifecycle

Flowcarbon uses technology to increase accuracy and transparency at every stage of the carbon lifecycle.

1. Carbon projects avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions.
We help secure financing for new carbon projects.
2. The project is reviewed and validated. Emissions reductions are verified.
We help projects achieve credit issuance.
3. Carbon credits are issued. 1 carbon credit = tonne of carbon removed or reduced.
We facilitate transparency into the projects that generate carbon credits.
4. Organizations, companies, and individuals buy carbon credits to offset their emissions.
We support leading companies with their carbon procurement and offsetting.
5. Project proponents use carbon revenue to expand and fund new projects.
We are committed to scaling the market so more projects can be performed.
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