JULY 29 - 4:00PM EST - 60 mins

Carbon Sales:
Navigating the CDR Market in 2024 and Beyond

Join our panel on July 29 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET as we explore the growing role and impact of carbon removal credits on the VCM today and share forecasts for future trends.

The voluntary carbon market began 2024 by breaking records on retirements. However, the nascent carbon removal corner of VCM is rocketing even faster, with purchases growing 7.3 times versus a year ago, according to CDR.fyi


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Martin Kessler
Caitlin Smith
Manager, Climate Intelligence
Martin Kessler
Zack Pensak
Director of Carbon Partnerships
Martin Kessler
Sebastien Cross
Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Martin Kessler
Jacob Bourgeois
Head of Carbon Strategies & Innovation at Volkswagen Climatepartner
Martin Kessler
Dana Gibber
Co-Founder + CEO
Dive into how novel carbon removal (CDR) projects are impacting voluntary carbon market sales. From pricing trends and high demand to long-awaited new industry guidelines and questions of quality and reliability, CDR is an exciting and fast-growing  but also nascent aspect of the VCM.

Join us as our experts as they help parse the many factors now pushing the CDR industry forward — and share what buyers should consider when adding these credits to their portfolios.

Learn more about buying carbon credits here.

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