What are carbon credits and how do they work?

Carbon credits represent the removal or avoidance of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions. They come from projects that undertake that activity, which can be nature-based (i.e. planting trees), or engineered (i.e. direct air capture machines), or a hybrid (i.e. biochar projects). Companies can purchase credits as part of their overall decarbonization and sustainability goals, after they quantify their emissions and put in place an emissions reduction plan. Flowcarbon helps carbon removal project developers finance their projects, develop the carbon credits from their projects, and sell their verified carbon credits to corporate buyers.

Who buys engineered carbon removal credits?

The primary buyers of carbon credits are large corporations and organizations seeking to purchase high-quality carbon credits to meet their carbon emissions-related commitments. We have relationships with leading companies across a variety of sectors, including aviation, retail, tech, energy, manufacturing, finance and more.

How can I get financing for my engineered carbon removal project?

We provide financial advisory services, including project modeling, and build best-in-class data rooms as an arranger of non-dilutive capital solutions.

How do you choose carbon removal projects to work with?

We have a rigorous vetting process that includes reviewing technical methodologies, conducting site visits, and obtaining third-party certifications to ensure the engineered carbon removal is real, permanent and additional. We support a range of engineered carbon removal technologies, including biochar, enhanced rock weathering and direct air capture. To get started, simply contact our team.

What is Flowcarbon's perspective on carbon-backed tokens?

We are excited by the accessibility and transparency that tokenization of carbon credits represents. We also understand the importance of market stakeholders understanding and accepting innovative new technology, especially technology that is not well understood, like blockchain. We continue to work closely with the major carbon markets standards bodies, which issue carbon credits, on advancing the mission of tokenization and on guidelines for secure and high-integrity tokenization. 

Need more info?

Check out our resources on Knowcarbon to learn more about offsetting and the voluntary carbon market.

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