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Corporates On-Chain: How Web3 enables enterprise innovation

Corporates On-Chain: How Web3 enables enterprise innovation

May 9, 2023

Speakers from McKinsey, Salesforce, Google Cloud and Celo joined Flowcarbon’s panel at ReFi House Austin to discuss the role Web3 plays in enabling enterprise innovation.

The panel began with a conversation about the need to adopt innovation and new technologies, and what enterprises are excited about regarding blockchain technology. 

“If you want to be relevant to the new generations you need to constantly experiment with new technologies whatever they are because that is how they connect with brands and one another.” – Marc Mathieu, SVP Strategic Customer Transformation & Innovation at Salesforce

Caroline Klatt, COO of Flowcarbon spoke about the importance of a seamless user experience and on-ramping. “When brands find a use case for blockchain, more people will engage with the blockchain without even knowing it, that is when you’re at critical mass.”

The panelists shared an optimistic outlook for the future of blockchain technology and how it may address the challenges that numerous corporations face.

You can view and listen to the panel discussion here and view other content from ReFi House on the Flowcarbon YouTube channel.

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