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Creating Fertile ReFi Ecosystems: L1s

Creating Fertile ReFi Ecosystems: L1s

May 9, 2023

Leaders from Celo, the HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund, Dapper Labs and Ava Labs joined Flowcarbon at ReFi House Austin to discuss what L1s are doing to foster ReFi innovation.

A panel conversation covered topics like building an ecosystem beyond layer 1 and expanding into the rest of the crypto ecosystem. As Will Le, who leads Enterprise Strategy at Celo said, "You need to have a protocol that people want to build on. That means having the right technology, the right primitives, and documentation."

The panelists also discussed the importance of the broader ReFi community, “We can't catalyze an ecosystem if we are all individually competing ruthlessly to be the greenest…We can win together, it is really the only way we can transform natural capital markets" said Jonathan Rackoff, VP, Head of Global Policy at the Sustainable Impact HBAR Foundation.

You can view and listen to the panel discussion here and view other content from ReFi House on the Flowcarbon YouTube channel.

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