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Flowcarbon Partners with Senken to Provide Transparency to Climate Finance

Flowcarbon Partners with Senken to Provide Transparency to Climate Finance

October 6, 2022

Today, Flowcarbon, a leading climate tech company scaling carbon reduction and removal projects, and Senken, the world's first climate finance platform for the trade of on-chain carbon credits, announced a partnership to enable carbon market accessibility for investors, corporations and trading desks to easily and safely invest in single carbon projects tokenized by Flowcarbon. Together, Flowcarbon and Senken will tackle a shared goal of providing easily accessible, transparent and trustworthy climate finance for high-integrity projects.

Having collaborated on many regenerative finance (ReFi) and on-chain carbon market initiatives in the past, both companies saw the importance of carbon credit tokenization in improving the efficiency and transparency of carbon markets. With the integration of Flowcarbon’s GNT token and other upcoming tokens, which are backed by certified carbon credits, Senken users have access to millions of additional corporate-grade on-chain carbon credits from climate projects that have a measurable carbon reduction or removal impact. Access to Flowcarbon’s carbon credit tokens through the Senken Marketplace will provide an integrated on-chain carbon market offset experience for users.

“We are extremely fortunate to be partnering with our long time colleagues and friends at Senken, and to be building with their community. Creating robust, user-friendly front end marketplaces for on-chain carbon credits demonstrates the advantages of blockchain based carbon markets. Being able to see the offsetting cost of specific individual projects on-chain adds additional functionality and transparency to the market that will expand access and efficiency in climate finance. We are excited for the impact this partnership will bring to the industry.”  - Phil Fogel, Chief Blockchain Officer, Flowcarbon.

The partnership comes as a record number of investors and companies have embraced net-zero ambitions and made other GHG emissions related commitments in the last year, with more companies joining every month. As such, the demand for carbon credits is increasing, as is the need for proper assessment of quality and transparency.

“We are proud to have Flowcarbon on board as a partner. Our partnership is another building block in our journey to bring the regenerative finance ecosystem into the mainstream. Flowcarbon stands for transparency and traceability, whether we are talking about corporate offsetting or on-chain carbon credit liquidity. Together, we make it easy, verifiable and transparent for companies to invest in verified on-chain carbon credits,” said Adrian Wons, CEO and founder of Senken. “Senken's goal is to bridge the gap between the on-chain and off-chain carbon market. Flowcarbon provides a key cornerstone for this purpose. The two-way bridge built by Flowcarbon as well as its GNT token form the foundation on which Senken will build future carbon market oriented services''.

This partnership between two proven companies seeks to unlock funding for the market and ensure trust for investors. This not only increases the chance of achieving Paris Agreement climate targets, but also increases the number of people, corporations and climate projects participating in the carbon market.

About Senken

Senken has built the world's first climate finance platform to trade on-chain carbon credits. The Senken Marketplace enables transparent investments in tokenized carbon credits from verified climate projects. The projects underlying the credits can be effortlessly queried and compared. The corresponding project credits can be bought, traded and used to offset carbon emissions. Credibility and trust are guaranteed by a decentralized on-chain infrastructure that stores all accruing information along the value chain of climate projects.

About Flowcarbon:

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company that brings carbon credits onto the blockchain. Its mission is to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling the efficient and early flow of capital to be invested directly into projects that combat climate change. Flowcarbon is committed to driving real impact for people, biodiversity, and the planet. To learn more about our work visit our blog.

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