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Flowcarbon To Expand Access to Carbon Credits with New Partnerships

Flowcarbon To Expand Access to Carbon Credits with New Partnerships

August 23, 2022
Latest Partnerships Include Integrations with Ubeswap, Valora, Node Finance, and Flywallet

Flowcarbon, a leading provider of on and off-chain carbon reduction solutions today announced a series of key blockchain market infrastructure partnerships. Integrations are underway with decentralized exchange and automated market maker protocol Ubeswap, transaction router and software development kit (SDK) Node Finance, the Valora mobile wallet, and Ubeswap-enabled dapp Flywallet (which enables saving for travel). Combined, these partnerships create the infrastructure for using Flowcarbon’s tokenized carbon credits across applications and functionality on the Celo blockchain.

“Together with Ubeswap, Valora, Node Finance, and Flywallet we’re building an entirely new ecosystem for carbon credits that increases access but also brings new applications,” said Phil Fogel, Chief Blockchain Officer at Flowcarbon.

“Flowcarbon is building the market infrastructure for carbon credits in a much more seamless way that addresses pain points, inefficiencies and high costs of the current OTC market – ensuring people get transparent pricing, eliminating layers of manual processing and brokerage fees, and unlocking access for individuals and small businesses.”

Ubeswap enables Celo users and applications to trade between any two ERC20 tokens and provides the decentralized infrastructure that enables the integration of tokens into applications across the Celo ecosystem. It powers a robust ecosystem of applications where Flowcarbon tokens, like GNT, can be used for everything from offsetting to lending.

"Ubeswap is excited to work with Flowcarbon to bring the liquidity and benefits of Flowcarbon's ReFi ecosystem to more people, starting with the launch of a brand new GNT/cUSD liquidity pool. Both Ubeswap's and Flowcarbon's decentralization goals are furthered as more liquidity and users enter the ecosystem," said Evan Kereiakes, Business Lead at Ubeswap.

More Flowcarbon integrations include:

• Node Finance App, which provides behind-the-scenes transaction routing between applications on the Celo platform, so users can transact with fewer steps and determine the best available price for GNT. This addresses a key challenge in the existing voluntary market, which is the lack of price transparency for carbon offset credits.

• Valora, which offers an easy-to-use experience for people that are new to crypto by providing anyone with a mobile phone an easy way to buy, hold, and use Celo assets across Web3 dapps, including Flowcarbon–offering a way for retail users to offset their carbon footprint from the convenience of their mobile phones.

• Flywallet, which enables users to save up money for flights and offset the carbon footprint of those flights.

Fogel said, “We are integrating with best-in-class partners to create limitless possibilities for enabling people to get personally involved in offsetting their own carbon footprint.”

About Flowcarbon

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company that brings carbon credits onto the blockchain. Its mission is to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling the efficient and early flow of capital to be invested directly into projects that combat climate change. Flowcarbon is committed to driving real impact for people, biodiversity, and the planet. To learn more about our work visit our blog.

About Ubeswap

Ubeswap offers the full capabilities of the Celo protocol, including mobile-first DeFi, to end users. Celo protocol assets such as CELO, cUSD, community assets such as GNT, PACT, and UBE, and bridged assets such as ETH, BTC and SOL are frequently traded on the platform. Ubeswap has an ambitious roadmap, with the goal of being entirely decentralized and community governed. The community DAO is funded by transaction fees and currently owns more than 1.8% of total UBE supply.

About Valora

Valora is a mobile crypto wallet that enables global payments and easy access to decentralized finance apps. Valora is part of the Celo ecosystem, and has a relentless focus on making crypto easy to understand, use, and earn. The wallet’s user interface, combined with the power of Celo’s blockchain, allows everyone around the world to take ownership of their financial lives and unlock a new world of financial opportunity.

About Node Finance

Node Finance is a web3 dev studio that aims to make DeFi universally accessible. Their flagship product, the Node Finance SDK, makes it easy for any business to launch their own non-custodial mobile wallet with native integrations for swaps, yield, payments, and more. Their other products include the Minima “Everything” Router, Mission Control CRM, and the Node Finance App–a consumer app that automates user interactions with web3.

About Flywallet

Anyone, no matter where they were born or how much they have in their bank account, should have the opportunity to travel the world. Flywallet combines carbon offsetting and blockchain technology to make travel more accessible to the disadvantaged, more affordable for everyone, and better for the planet. Spend cUSD, cEUR, USDC, and more on your flights around the world and offset your carbon footprint when you travel. Flywallet also offers a globally accessible yield-earning savings account to save up for specific trips. Earn rewards for consistently saving, and invite family and friends to contribute to your travel fund anytime. Every journey begins with a step cent. Start yours today.

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